Lucia’s teaching philosophy revolves around an enriching and transformative experience for the student, with lessons custom tailored for each individual. In practice, she emphasizes on solid fundamentals for the beginner as well as musical maturity for advanced students. Along with consolidating skills and abilities, she always seeks to convey the big picture, by fostering a deep understanding of musical languages, historical context, composition style and evolution of music as art and craft. Music theory, music history and ear training are an integral part of every lesson.

Lucia’s interest and proficiency in pedagogy and psychology allows her to help students cope with performance difficulties and build confidence by reinforcing positive experiences. Last but not the least, she recognize the supporting role played by parents, friends and relatives, and make them an active part of the process, by engaging them in frequent discussions, updates and reports on student’s progress and development.

  • RCM certified teacher
  • Member of Suzuki Association of the Americas
  • Preparation for RCM exams, Preparatory to ARCT level
  • Coaching for music festivals, competitions, auditions
  • Did I mention for fun too?